Sun, Shades, Sports and Sobriety (well one of those might be a fib) 😉

Four days since my last blog and trying to remember what happened as all days are starting to roll into one big blur. If it wasn’t for work I really would never know what day of the week it was.

Turboed on Wednesday, ran with my son on Thursday, did a beautiful hilly bike ride on Friday (piccy below), ran again today or I should say I went weaving as there too many people out and I had to keep jumping into hedges to social distance. I will not be running that particular route again and accept that was a mistake. We also all did a few gym circuits in the garden in between somewhere.

Beautiful views out on the bike

Despite how it sounds however, I feel like I’m not doing much at the moment and on this beautiful sunny Easter weekend I don’t remember the last time I felt this lazy, this relaxed and did so little. I think its good for me though. I feel like I’m going into holiday mode where life slows down, you take longer to get up, do everything at a slower pace and generally feel more chilled out.

I asked my son to make biscuits for us the other day to keep him occupied not realising they were extremely complex and it took him 3 hours to bake. Results were good though, nom.

It was like Great British Bake off in the kitchen

We played ready steady cook yesterday as a family. Everyone had to look at what was in the fridge, freezer and cupboards and then write their idea down for a recipe for tea on a bit of paper. We then looked at the options and chose one to make, only we had all written down a type of curry so its clear what we all love in this house then.

Finished my painting today hurrah. Here it is, I’ve just spent too much money on a lovely frame but it will be worth it and we can hang it in the bedroom or lounge. Spent another hour teaching my son to paint a picture after he asked me to show him how. I’ll post that when he finishes it.

Finished picture – Puerto Pollensa….with I was there

It feels like such a weird time. We are all getting those jobs done around the house and in the garden (if you are lucky to have one), taking up hobbies we haven’t done in ages, baking loads, whatsapping neighbours, sharing tomato plants and making videos of talking garden ornaments in the greenhouse (enough said). These are all the upsides of lockdown or maybe its the crazy side. Anyone else feel this shift?

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