The sun has got his hat on 🌞 and Chaka is singing I feel for you la la la

What a beautiful weekend. Ok yesterday it was a tad colder but that was perfect for running. 7 mile run, 6 with my son who is pushing my pace and making me faster.

Today we decided against the early bike ride and instead I did some yoga which I quite enjoyed although 30 minutes was my patience limit. Later hubby and I took it in turns to go on the turbo outside in the glorious weather.

Cat stretch
An hour on the turbo

Later my son and I did some painting (the picture kind) and then we both played in the back garden with his new re-enactment sword.

Kill Bill madness grrrr
My son showing me how it should be done

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine whether it be outside or opening a window and maybe a nice cold beer or G&T. Cheers 🍻

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