A difficult week (Where is MoJo?)

When I write my blog I always feel I should be positive and I usually am but this week I have struggled a little.

My body has rebelled after two weekends of virtual ironman racing in a row (unsurprisingly), a tight back, very tired legs and a shoulder injury that wouldn’t seem to go away. My motivation seemed to take a dive this week, not only with sport but in general and I’ve found myself a little withdrawn perhaps.

I intend, however, to find my mojo this coming week starting tomorrow. I shall look for it in a walk, with friends online, in my running and cycling which I may do differently this week to mix things up. I shall also look for it under the sofa, in my wardrobe, in the garage but definitely not in the biscuit tin….. although mojo does often hide in the biscuit tin I will admit 😬

Still I did do some training this week and some other things, so here they are:


I had a day off work and had intended to go on a bike ride with hubby but it was raining so we went for a run instead. It was just a four mile loop but its a hilly loop and was on reflection not a bright idea having done a race on the weekend (see Wednesday). It was none the less very enjoyable and I’ve definitely refound a love of trail running.


Words can not express how hard I found the bike ride on Wednesday. This was another holiday from work and there was no rain so hubby and I set off looking forward to our hilly adventure. I have developed a love for riding in the hills. I think the combination of having a good day and really feeling challenged but fit as you make it up the hill is so great and of course the stunning views are always worth it. Admittedly on this occasion my legs were tired from the off and I got to a point of not enjoying it as much which is a shame. On the last hill which felt really steep I didn’t think I would make it up to the top and I felt very out of breath. I would however like to go back and do that ride again on a day when my legs feel better. It would be good to really give it a solid go and feel good about it. Later on Wednesday we had our zoom session with our PT. This was difficult but we managed to do a good job of it and hopefully can give a bit more next time.

Goya Valley before the big hill
Top of Windgather


Had a rest day on Thursday. On Friday I did a very short recovery run of 2 miles. It’s sometimes better to turn the legs over and get the blood moving than to sit still so I followed this guidance and went off on an ambling jog.


Yesterday was to be my long run. I decided to shorten the run from the original intended 9 miler to just 7 miles but I also decided to take the run into the hills/on to the trails. It was a beautiful run which I throughly enjoyed and if my Achilles allows I think I may find mojo on some of these runs.

My exit Styal is behind all of these sheep


Today I was supposed to do a long bike ride but after the demanding bike ride on Wednesday I decided to only do my ‘loop’ which takes about an hour. My legs didn’t feel quite as tired which bodes well for next week, perhaps recovery is on the way.

Ok now I’m off to find mojo. I will definitely not start with that biscuit tin…….

9 thoughts on “A difficult week (Where is MoJo?)

  1. I was there about a month ago. I had a couple weeks of lost drive. I wondered if I’d fi day way out…and I did! Back on track. Sometimes its just our body telling is to slow down a bit. Stay away from that biscuit tin!! Haa!

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