60 things to do before I’m 60

It’s been an odd week. Being unable to do as much sport as usual due to Achilles pain, shoulder pain and an amazingly bad bout of hay fever…..I found myself making a bucket list. I was inspired a while back by my sister doing 50 things before 50 and thought Ill do the same only Ive just passed that goal post so its 60 things before 60 instead.

It would be so easy for me to come up with a hundred things if I had infinite time and money to spend but since I don’t I decided against putting too many travel based things. If I win the lottery I might change that of course but then I’d have to play the lottery first 🤔

So below my list is yet to be completed but I’ve come up with 40 so far and intend to crack on with a few soon.

1. Get a bike fit – Ok this one was pencilled in before lockdown. I cant wait to get it booked in again.

2. Ironman – Intend to book onto one in 2021 now (aiming to book this one: https://www.ironman.com/im703-mallorca )

3. Do an Ultra – Unfinished business here. My first one was slow and a tad too hot for me but it was beautiful and well organised. Sadly my second got cancelled (well I had to cancel it due to back issues). So there’s always been this desire to go back and try again.

Piccy from first Ultra – Lakeland Trail 55k (https://www.lakelandtrails.org/ultra/)

4. Do a longer Ultra – Well you know, if I do a 50k one for 3 then a 100k has to be done for 4.

5. Running dream – sssh its a secret

6. Buy and run with new cool running backpack – well you have to have some easy ones on your bucket list right (currently debating one of the Salomon backpacks after recommendation from a friend, will let you know how it is when I finally get around to buying it)

7. Get an iconic running photo – I stare longingly at instagram photos where people post seemingly impossibly beautiful trail running photos. A recent one was a guy running up the side of a mountain and the photo was taken from the distance. The sky was perfect, the views were perfect and he even had both feet off the floor which is optimal for a good running photo right?

8. Design my own silly cake – years ago a friend made a cake in the shape of a tampon with the appropriate bits of red colouring etc. I’m not suggesting I’ll make something that gross but I’d like to come up with something novel.

9. Kill Zombie boss in wii game solo – this was my sons idea. I love playing the wii zombie game and we’ve defeated the big boss once or twice together but I’ve never managed it alone. This is a good rainy day one.

10. Ride on the orient express – been a lifelong dream…sigh

11. Ride a Segway – can’t believe I’ve never done this

12. Sleep in a tree house – you know like posh camping, in the middle of a Forrest etc.

13. Go to a winery in France – well I love wine…so any excuse

14. Visit a tourist attraction near to my hometown – one of those things I just don’t do…so nows the time (well when lockdown eases)

15. See singing in the rain show – love love the film and I’m told the show is awesome.

16. Go on a picnic – this should be easy to arrange

17. Do a colour run – I’ve never bothered, mostly because I’d have to travel to it to do a 5k run but it would be fun so yeah Lorna get it done

18. Have a spa day – no words required

19. Stand up on a paddle board – I really fancy this, not sure I’d be good at the balance but would love to have a go

20. Get an article published – hopefully this will happen soon

21. Make home made chocolate eclairs – they are yummy so I’d like to have a go

22. Go bouldering – my son does this. I have rockclimbed and thoroughly enjoyed it also tried a bit of ice climbing (indoors) but I’ve never done bouldering.

23. Ride Andratx to Puerto Pollensa – My husband and I love to cycle in Mallorca and the highest mountain is on the stretch between Andratx and Puerto Pollensa. Due to my past issues with downhill rides (and still sometimes) I’ve never attempted this. I’m getting more confident now so I have to go for it.

24. Visit Canada – I have always wanted to. I’d love to see the Rocky Mountains. I’d also like to visit my cousin who seems completely ace and I’ve just never met her.

25. Look at property in France and/or Spain – could be fun and its a good excuse to do a cycling tour.

26. Camp again – haven’t done this in years

27. Come first in age group in a race – I came second in age group in a sprint tri last year (much to my surprise). I just need to shave off a few minutes and first is a possibility.

28. Run at night on trail (in the dark alone) – would be such spooky fun, might have to get a head torch. Could be combined with 32.

29. Learn some Spanish – I keep going to Mallorca and I can only say can I have the bill please, a beer, please and thank you. Honestly could do better

30. Shoot a gun at a gun range – just for fun, not a gun supporter, they should only be at ranges in my opinion.

31. Train tour of Eastern Europe – I want to see Lake Bled, Plitvice National Park, Transylvania, Lakes and forrests in Slovakia.

32. Experience a sunrise/sunset

33. Sing to an audience – this may require inebriation

34. Fly in a helicopter – I think I’d be terrified but it just looks so cool

35. Have dinner with my husband in a really romantic location – awww

36. Have a drink on a rooftop bar

37. Kiss in the rain – like you see people do in the movies (hope hubby is reading this one)

38. Dance on a bar – see number 33 (drinking maybe necessary)

39. Volunteer for something – maybe a park run or race

40. Raise money for a charity close to my heart

I’ll think of 20 more things this week. If anyone has any ideas let me know, preferably inexpensive and silly is always good too 😁

20 thoughts on “60 things to do before I’m 60

  1. Brilliant. If you’ve not already done it, I’d add ‘cycle up Mt Ventoux’ – or better still, join the Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux. My favourite mountain (and who wouldn’t like a holiday in Provence).

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  2. Number 20 is on my bucket list, too! And number 19… I love SUP! As far as balance goes, the board makes all the difference! We have different companies who rent these and take you out on the river or into the ocean here. They will usually match you to the right board for you!

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  3. Thank you for sharing Lorna. I love the fact that many of these are very simple and can be attainable such as having a picnic. Or volunteering for something such as a race, Sometimes life gets busy, and we never get to experience those simple pleasures.

    Also there is not a lot of travel. I love travel, but it is expensive. And so much for me is unattainable. Thank you also for the follow.

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    • Thanks for that 😄. Indeed I’d love to add go to China, travel around South America, do the transiberian train trip etc but all expensive and takes time. You can’t do everything and I definitely can’t afford everything. As you say there is great pleasure in a picnic 😄

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