Last two weeks I’ve been able to see family twice and a friend once. It’s so so nice to be able to see people at last and its really easy to social distance in gardens in the sun. I’ve also had calls from my hairdresser, the local beauticians and my sports masseur (although the latter is uncertain as yet) as appointments can now be made woohoo 🥳

I’m seeing (provided it doesn’t rain) a lovely group of friends this evening for wine and chat and in between have a skype call with family planned so life is good. Between that and my second attempt at skate boarding I’m all excited and upbeat today 😀

Bucket List:

So one of my 60 things before 60 was to skateboard. It’s up for debate as to whether I can tick that off yet but I’d personally like to be able to skate all the way down our hill from the top. So once I’ve nailed that I’ll put up a video, however, for your amusement here is me after my second outing on the skateboard from half way down the hill. Amazing how easy it is to spot my errors on the video but I’m chuffed for staying on 😆

Need the confidence to stand more sideways on it so can lean/turn, that’s for next practice sesh

I watched another film from the top 250 imdb list. Well I tried watching L.A. Confidential but got bored so then moved onto Fight Club. I’ve actually seen this one strictly speaking but it was long enough ago that i couldn’t remember it. Pretty good but not amazing would be my verdict. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6cwmHL2tFI

I’ve also been working my way through the top 100 albums on Rolling Stones list. So far I’ve listened to the Zombies (really liked), Sly and the Family Stone, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan (ace), The Who, Miles Davis, Hank Williams (love it) and the last one was Prince. I cheated a bit on Prince as the album was Sign of the Times which was dull as dishwater. I switched it to Purple Rain (brilliant album). Next up Buddy Holly then Elton John whoop.


Strava says I did 8 hours this week which is above my weekly average of late. I had a day off work this week so was able to get a longer bike ride in. We rode around Cheshire in beautiful weather and stopped for an ice cream.

Beautiful lanes of Cheshire
Stopping for yummy cliff bar
Trying to look natural and failing

Nommy ice cream en route, mint choc chip mmmm

Other sport included a few turbo workouts, one of which was a fun interval session where I sprinted at 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins etc, for 1 min, then 2, then 3 etc. Up to 6 minutes. Definitely a hard one that. Since I’m just beginning to recover Achilles wise I’ve been taking it easier with the running and just did 22k over the week at a pretty slow pace. One more week like that and I hope to get in some hill running again.

And then on Saturday we saw our lovely personal trainer Emma (Peak Trails Physical Training). She is ace, always bubbly and happy and just puts you in a good mood. Since I’ve had ongoing issues with a shoulder injury she did mostly core and leg workouts and then gave us different things to do when it came to arms. I did my physio and hubby did hard weights (ha ha).

Bicycles great for the core

In other news:

I’ve started reading a book by Ant Middleton on my kindle (The Fear Bubble). Utterly brilliant and I hope I can learn from it and apply it to the scary things I try to do (like cycling down steep hills…). It’s extremely honest and I’d recommend it if you like the SAS who dares wins TV show.

I painted a garden ornament. My brother asked me to paint it (for fun) and I decided it would look good in cycling clothing so here is Rapha because only Rapha will do for our duck 😆

Matching socks were essential

5 thoughts on “Excited!!!!!

  1. My boys used to love Fight Club when they were in high school. Why? I don’t get the appeal. Like you said, I thought it was OK. I have to check out your 60 before 60 post. Even though it is too late for me, I like ideas about new stuff to try! 🙂


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