To the blogging community – blog advice needed

Hi all, I’ve recently had a few new followers which is lovely but one has no blog or profile that I can see, just a name. Has anyone else seen this and is it something I should be concerned about?

Cheers, any responses appreciated

4 thoughts on “To the blogging community – blog advice needed

  1. I’ve had the same and have assumed (no actual knowledge being involved) that to read and follow you need an account so it might just denote someone wanting to read blogs without blogging themselves. Certainly worth keeping an eye open but I’ve not had any problems (that I am aware of!) from this. Perhaps I am just a hopeless innocent but I have the comfort of being sure I am not worth trolling or cyber-stalking. At least it doesn’t look like they are ‘fake’ followers in the sense that the aim is to get traffic to their own money-making sites.

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