12 weeks to go eek 😱!! 🏃‍♀️🇬🇧⛰

Well its officially 12 weeks until JOGLE whoop! Training is continuing following our Cleveland Way adventure two weeks ago.

This last week I did a double session at the gym on Monday, a loaded rucksack run on Tuesday, a bike ride and yoga on Wednesday, a run and strength workout on Thursday, a longer run on Friday, another run on Saturday followed by more yoga and finished with a long hike today with the weighted rucksack again.

I forget what this particular yoga move is called – comfier than it looks!

I’m starting to feel more confident and ready but the one thing I feel I haven’t done is run long days with the rucksack back to back.

So at the end of June and again at the end of July I plan to do long weekends of running with full kit to practice.

In 3 weeks time, for my first weekend practice, I will take the train up to Dalston (south of Carlisle). From there I will do 3 days of running/jogging/walking.

Day 1: Run from Dalston ca. 39k to Thornthwaite – camp over.

Day 2: Jog from Thornthwaite to Wasdale Head near Scafell Pike. Elevation is decent at 1100m over ca 22km so I expect a fair bit of walking in there too.

Day 3: Wasdale Head to a train station at Ravenglass – ca. 20km.

It’ll be interesting to see how my legs/muscles are and also how navigation over the fell near Haystacks is on day 2. Hopefully the weekend will give me that last bit of confidence I need.

Piccy from today. Training takes place in all weathers ☔️😁

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