Swim drills

Got up and raced to the pool to get there before 6am. It’s crazy there and people hog lanes early and do not like sharing. Icy windows and some roadworks meant I arrived at 6.05 dam! I threw off my clothes as if you’d told me Brad Pitt was in the next room, donned my super speedy swimsuit and hat and pegged it around to the edge of the pool. It was only 6.10 hurrah.

Alas all the regular swimmers, mostly over 70 had shown me up as they were already in the pool doing their laps and ALL lanes were claimed. Unbelievable! How do they get in there so fast?

I got in a lane where the swimmer was slow in both that lane and neighbouring lane and wove around them back and forth for 40 minutes. Still I managed my swim drills, catch up, quadrants, high elbow and finished with 8, 7, 6 etc lengths with 15 sec rests between. Total 1800m at 2.07 mins per 100m. That’s the boring bit.

Took at least an hour for goggle marks to fade, one of the delights of swimming when you’re 51. Might see if I can find myself a new pair, maybe something sexier, black shaded ones hmmmmm… internet awaits..