The joys of menopause

Had a rest day yesterday. This was not supposed to be the case but after many many nights of interrupted sleep due to hot flushes added to my pollen tree allergy I found I’d reached a whole new level of tiredddddd. Went to bed last night at 9pm and struggled to get up before 7am….sigh

At least day I was slightly more energised and managed a lunch run of 2.5 miles and a visit to the gym after work. I wonder how long the impact of menopause goes on for but I’ve heard months and years and some have even said it never stops….ah what now? So the wonderful side effects include feeling b*****sed, waking up hourly through the night, feeling slightly nautious and then having a hot flush every 30-60 minutes, having a brain that has been removed and replaced by tumble weed, losing things, forgetting things and last but not least noticing that alcohol no longer agrees with you (boohoo!!) 😩

Still I will do my Ironman I will, I will and no annoying hormones are going to stop me even if they do prevent me from getting out of bed sometimes….. so if my dearest hubby should read this please please please pull me out of bed tomorrow by my feet and kick me out the door so I can go swimming before work. Ta very much, your wife x

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