Running time

Today’s training was an 8 mile run which was a nice change from the longer ones I’ve done recently. Next week is Wilmslow half marathon so this was taper time (joy).

I wonder what others do whilst running. My mind wanders, I think about numerous things in a weird all over the place mad dream like way. It’s quite therapeutic. Although the other thing I’ve found myself doing in the last miles is imagining I’m in a race and I’m placing in my age group, about to overtake the person in third place…. I think about finishing my Ironman in a good time….imagine running down that blue lined last 100 metres and throwing my arms in the air as I go through the finish line. Sometimes I think my thoughts are those of a deranged crazy woman and other times I convince myself it’s true and this positive visualisation will help me to be amazing in some way.

Deranged is probably more in the ball park though 😆

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