Training differently

Lockdown makes for interesting training at times, swerving your way down the road like a drunk person in order to social distance from people whilst out on a run. An easier option is just to head into the hills where you simply don’t find as many people.

Consequently most of my runs and bike rides seem to involve hill work right now. This is great for building strength but also means I need to rest and stretch more (I’m not great at either of these but I’m getting there).


I did a 4 mile trail run with hubby. It’s pretty much 2 miles up and 2 miles down, over grassy fields, styals and passing some sheep along the way. Difficult but so much fun! We followed this up with circuit training in the garden and then finished with some garden work:

We broke up some stones with a sledgehammer ready to put them in the skip the next day.

A great way to get rid of frustrations 😆


Tuesday was my rest day this week so I just went for a 2 mile walk after work.


I went on the turbo for 40 minutes. I was looking to follow Geraint Thomas but clearly you have to start at the same time he does…I just couldn’t find him. I worked hard though trying 😁

Spooky reflection


I repeated the 4 mile trail hilly run I’d done on Monday in order to show my son the route. I was amazed I remembered it myself. Gorgeous views up on the low.

Werneth Low


Today I went for a bike ride with hubby. Again we went onto quieter roads, a bit hilly with beautiful views.

Above Broadbottom

On way to Broadbottom

We finished off with circuits again in the garden. Now enjoying Gin and orange juice (surprisingly nice) since I’ve run out of tonic.

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