A busy beautiful week

Monday was rest day and apart from working I really didn’t do anything except for lots of ‘colouring in’ on my happy colour game (a total incomprehensible obsession right now) 😁

Tuesday: After work I ran the 4 mile local trail route with my son. It was too hot by far for the 2 mile uphill bit but the downhill was great fun. After hubby and I did circuits with our PT via zoom. The WiFi is pretty hit and miss outside our house so occasionally it buffers and we end up doing an extra minute of whatever exercise we are doing!

Wednesday: Turbo was the order of the day, just 45 minutes, a lovely hot and sweaty affair.

Looking shattered and I was 😆

Thursday: I did a 4 mile road run which includes a steep hill which is also a Strava segment. Yes I admit to speeding up just before and also up the hill in order to try and get a cup on strava and I did, woohoo. So sad I know but you have to take motivation where it comes.

Whoop 6th fastest up the hill 😄

Friday: I am blessed that I get to finish early on a Friday in my job so I was able to shoot off on my bike into the hills (well semi hilly) and do a one hour loop after work.

Mottram in Longdendale

Saturday: My son is building up his running and today was his first 10K in a few years so I ran with him to encourage him along the way. In fact he ended up encouraging me as I was very tired and he is starting to edge ahead of me. Near us no run is really flat so there was some decent undulation here and there. After I did some peaceful yoga, something I’m starting to enjoy more and more. Yoga Life UK are really good. Once you are set up you get a notification on facebook and can then do the session whenever you want by going back and finding the notification.

I’d say what this move is called but I cant remember 🤔

Sunday: OMG! My husband took me on a wee bike ride…..just 45 hilly miles including Nont Sarahs (Buckstones Pass) which to be fair is not steep at all but the whole route is undulating and I was shattered by the end of it. Gorgeous gorgeous views though. We then did circuits as a family in the garden. We introduced a new move called the Curtsey which caused some amusement with the lads 😆.

Buckstones Pass
Buckstones Reservoir

Otherwise during the week I started a new painting, we got a roaring fire going last night at the end of the garden and after years of wearing make up every day I’ve started to embrace the natural look. Only took me 51 years.

Back garden 😂

Now roll on curry and a bit of wine 🍷 😁✌️

2 thoughts on “A busy beautiful week

  1. Good for you for the long bike ride with hubby. It looks like your training is going really well. I have done exactly one tri. Loved the run (of course), loved the swim, hated the bike. I rode a mountain bike, not even a road bike. Yikes!


    • Hi Laurie, which triathlon did you do? Oh I think mountain biking is harder. Yes I love the swim too. Cycling is my hardest sport and its taking me years to even get ok at it but its great when you suddenly think, oh I can do that hill now. Thanks so much for your comment 😁. We are all in this together. x


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