Easier week of running, cycling finished with a slow virtual Olympic tri


We did our weekly workout with our fabulous personal trainer Emma from Peak Trails Physical Training. Even though training is currently done via Zoom she is so full of energy you still get that encouragement you need from a PT.


Hubby took me for a run on the trails/in the hills. It was a five miler and beautiful all the way. I did start to notice an old Achilles injury biting a little on the uphills (damn that long run on Sunday).


Felt shattered on Wednesday and got off the turbo after just 20 minutes. Sometimes you just need to rest. So I did some yoga as it helps to stretch out and it was beautiful outside which helps.

Thursday and Friday

I took two full rest days. My left shoulder and my legs have been a bit sore and tired all week so seemed the best thing to do.


Having signed up to the VR6 (virtual Olympic distance tri or rather version there of which is 3k run, 40k bike and 10k run over a weekend) I set off for my 3k run in the morning. Went pretty well and was pleased with my 15.53 time given that nothing here locally is flat. After that I had intended to sprint out fully on the 40k (done inside on the turbo) but a) it was too hot, b) my legs were gone and c) I didn’t pick the flattest route on Zwift. It was sadly one of those workouts where you just try to get to the end rather than go fast. I did it in 1 hr 16 which I was quite disappointed with, ah well another day and all that.


Hubby set off on his 3k run to do the VR6 and came home and got on the turbo around the time I set off to do my 10k run. It went better than expected and although way off a PB I actually thought I might be even slower so was happy with my 57 minutes.

Overall currently 34th out of 186 in age/gender category but the results wont finish coming in until midnight. Hubby is currently 120th out of 716, totally awesome.

In other news:

I sent off an article to Ultrarunning World online magazine. I was very excited to be asked to do this a few weeks ago and I cant wait to see it in the finished magazine.

I used an ironing board for the first time in …..oh wait, I cant actually remember. In fact until a few months ago we didn’t own one. Those that know me well will know what an unprecedented moment this is!


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