A better week

This week was better and a few conversations with lovely people and I found mojo again. I also started rereading some inspiring running books. This week I reread ‘The Clock Keeps Ticking’ by Sharon Gayter. She is an amazing Ultra runner and the book is well worth a read.


This is my rest day so I didn’t do any sport but I did try on the new cycling socks that hubby bought me. They should look better on when I’m wearing cycling shorts rather than jeans 🤔

To be worn on my next cycling trip


Went for a 4 mile hilly trail run with hubby. The weather was lovely and it was a fairly fast pace of 6.17/km (for me).

At the top of one of the descents
Still descending


Turboed for just 35 minutes as at this point the pedal came off (again). It was stuck to my shoe. We have since bought a new pedal and fixed this problem.

Pedal stuck to shoe
Bike without a pedal


Ran with my son to the pharmacy. Just a 2 mile slow paced run as my legs were very tired.

Just realised I got Tuesday and Thursday the wrong way round…..


Did another cycling turbo workout at home for 45 minutes and then had a really tough workout session with our PT. I still find HIIT hard as most of what I do is endurance or strength work at lower HR. My legs have been tired all weekend after this but in a good way.


We were supposed to go out on a long bike ride but I woke up feeling shattered. Not sure if it was hay fever or the booze from the previous evening, maybe both. So decided to go on the turbo yet again. Managed an hour this time and felt great. Amazing what a difference a new pedal makes.

First time I averaged 35.9kph on the turbo. Only wish I could do this on the bike outside….


Went for a lovely (hard) 7 mile trail run with my son. There was one spot of walking as he got a stitch but otherwise he did really well and definitely has the running bug now. My stepson has started running with the couch to 5k. Once he is running a few miles perhaps we can all go on a trail run as a family, something nice to do post lockdown perhaps.

My son enjoying the descent after a few miles of uphills

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