Sunshine and Prosecco, Rain and Raves


Following Mondays rest day I did a lunch trail run with my son on nearby hilly paths and green fields in the stifling heat on Tuesday.

Great views in the distance
Sprinting uphill

After work I hopped on the turbo for a quick tour of London (Zwift version).


Rested on Wednesday. Simply a case of CBA 😬. So on Thursday I punished my body by doing everything! At lunch I did 30 minutes on the turbo pushing it hard on Zwift Yorkshire. Very hilly and great fun (yes you can feel the difference on the turbo, the one we have is designed to raise resistance on hills). After work I went for a 4 mile run around our town, keeping it flat ‘ish as my Achilles is still playing up. After the run I did circuits with the lads on the front driveway/garden. We were waiting for a delivery so I wanted to hear it arrive. Turned out to be quite good fun doing tri dips off the front wall.


As the weather was poor I decided to hop on the turbo yet again after work rather than doing my favourite 1 hour outdoor cycling loop. I did the Zwift London route again thinking it would be flat and then found myself going up box hill….oops

I’m smiling but its hard!

After turbo our PT came round to do circuits with us in the garden. It was so ace to see her and we had a great socially distanced workout. She took a video of us doing glute bridges which had us in giggles after.

The pink socks finish off the look 😆
Love lifting weights


Despite Achilles niggles I went for my long run of 9 miles. I decided to run down by the canal as it really is pretty much flat and hills are making my Achilles issue worse currently. Honestly the turbo sessions and PT session caught up with me and I found myself running along feeling like I had an ironing board in my back and in both legs. I still enjoyed it though! I’ve come to love running even more lately, perhaps its the freedom of it.

Ice bath for my feet and ankles post run

So its Sunday now and I’m having a lazy day. It’s unfortunately too rainy to visit family as planned and I’m too stiff to do any sport so I’m sat watching Lord of the Rings with the lads. What a great film 🍿. It also helps me to recover from last nights Prosecco drinking session with hubby. We had a great evening listening to music and dancing around the living room.

Happily blotto

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