Last 20 things for my 60 before 60 Bucket List

I managed to get back to some sport this week, not as much as usual given a recovering Achilles and now a shoulder injury but it didn’t stop me finishing my bucket list (the writing of it not the doing, that would be insane). I did however, make a start on some things 😁. So here are the remaining things for my list.

41. Ascend Mont Ventoux on a bike. For now I’m going to say just any of the three ascents but it would be nice to do all three, however, this would be very challenging for me.

My husband climbing Mont Ventoux from Bedouin side a few years back (he does make this look easy)

42. Dine at the Ivy. I’ve heard great things about this restaurant and I believe you can go next door afterwards for a coffee on the top floor of a building with great views (all sounds good to me)

43. Do Go Ape. I watched my son do this many years ago. At the time I argued I wouldn’t join in as someone had to be the cameraman/woman. This was of course complete rubbish. I was just scared really. I don’t want to be scared of things anymore so bring it.

44. Invent a cocktail. This will be fun and definitely not scary. The practice and testing will be particularly fun 😆

45. Ride on a skateboard. Ever since I thought of this one I have been obsessed with it and am now attempting to get hold of one or buy one so I can have a go. This may sound easy to many but I do not have good balance, was terrible on roller skates and expect to hit the deck a few times before I master just going in a straight line.

46. Ride in a limo

47. Cycle up Cowlishaw Road

A tricky one for me with these gradients

48. Read a classic novel. I’m open to ideas

49. Attempt to use tri bars. This will again be very tricky for me. I only have my hands on the hoods when I ride (now and again). I tend to ride with my hands in the drops as I like feeling that the brake levers are close and easy to grab. So the idea of not being able to grab them quickly is a bit scary but it would be advantageous if I could master this one.

50. In my last blog I mentioned I wanted to travel around Eastern Europe by train and I reeled off a few places I’d like to see on the way. I decided these deserved individual bucket listings. So first out of these is to visit the castles in Transylvania especially the Bran castle of Dracula. I mean you just have to right.

Not sure how one gets up to this castle but it would be so cool at night

51. Visit Lake Bled.

52. Visit Plitvice National Park in Croatia

53. Soak in the thermal baths in Budapest

54. Watch the top 100 movies on IMDB. Here is the top 250 list. I could bump it up to include all eventually, we will see. I watched ‘Dr Strangelove’ and ‘One flew over the Cuckoos Nest’ this weekend. Both excellent films. The first one is of course a little dated but Peter Sellers is brilliant in it. Jack Nicholson in the latter is superb (as he always is).,desc&ref_=adv_prv

55. Listen to the top 100 albums listed on Rolling Stones

56. Make a you tube video

57. Go to a festival (not the small local one)

58. Write a list of 101 life lessons and then share them with the world

59. Climb Ben Nevis

60. Do something that scares me although I think there are plenty of things on here already that qualify 😱

In other news, I bought some new running socks which I love

Heart socks
Turbo today was monstrously hot 🥵. My hair is starting to take on a life of its own in this humidity. Reminds me of Monica in friends
It’s the humidity you know

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