Deep Thought

This week has been a week of deep thought. No not the Supernatural Computer set up to answer the most meaningful question of life (Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy) but a week of self reflection and contemplation. 🤔

I shared a wonderful evening with three friends (in a garden self distancing and all that). We drank, we talked, shared and we laughed so much I was virtually crying. It is wonderful to have such lovely friends in my life and to feel a part of something so positive. I look forward to many more nights like this.

I’ve progressed further with the Ant Middleton book and feel its really made me look hard at myself. It’s easy in life to spot the flaws of others but its far more rewarding to spot your own and either accept them or make changes. It’s nice to feel that at 51 I can still learn and grow as a person. He writes a whole chapter on how the words ‘be careful when said to others or to yourself can result in being overly anxious about things. I’ve realised I’m a ‘oh be careful’ person and always have been. I would like to limit this inner voice to minimise my anxieties. Between this new sense of inner strength and peace and my recent purchase of ‘curl’ cream for my hair I may have to start wearing more boho dresses and skip around the garden in the moonlight 😁.

In terms of my bucket list I’ve continued to listen to more albums from the Rolling Stones top 100 list. This week this included Buddy Holly Lives and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. Both excellent and easy to sing along to since I knew all of these tracks.

This week in sport I still kept mostly flat on my runs but managed to cover 25k in the week so happy to be building up again slowly. Didn’t manage much cycling at only 1.5 hours all week but once again had a brilliant strength workout with our PT on Saturday.

Fits of giggles during this combined workout. I’m about to lean back (Nordic Hamstring curl) and hubby is doing squats

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