Ultra running world magazine and I’m in it!

I’m in a magazine! Woohoo, I am so very excited about this and must admit to doing a little dance in my pants this morning 😆. A while back I was both delighted and amazed to be contacted by the guy that runs the magazine and asked if I would write an article. He wanted a multi-disciplinary view on Ultra running. I mentioned I’d only done one but he said that was fine and welcomed my views on my experience etc. Initially unsure how to set about writing an article I really enjoyed the experience. Its a kind of selfish therapy where you relive certain moments and process your own thoughts; a bit like blogging! So check it out if you wish, the article is called ‘Finding Peace’.


The magazine is well worth a read if you are into running. It’s run entirely by dedicated volunteers and its such a good read; I’m now a subscriber and will look forward to each forthcoming release. There are plenty of interesting articles and a number of interviews, information on races etc. I find myself completely in awe of the incredible Ultra races people run, the sheer length and duration of them is inspiring. I’m also interested in multiple references to FKT (fastest known time) in the magazine. I’ve only just recently heard this phrase whilst watching a running documentary and there is a website where you can go to see what FKT has been set for a particular route anywhere in the world. Hats off to all those speedsters out there who go after these records.


It’s funny all this writing malarkey. I have never been good at writing and struggled in English at school. I was better at Maths and Art and managed to scrape a pass in English O Level only after getting extra help from a tutor. For some reason though I am really enjoying it and the more I blog the better I want to get at it. I find myself reading lots of other blogs, articles and even books thinking ooh that sounds good, oh my this person is so witty, so articulate, so inspired etc and wishing I had that natural gift too. I guess its something you have to work at. The realisation for me now is that I want to get better at it and I’m enjoying the (sorry for the forthcoming word……..wait for it……) journey 😁.

Included in the magazine is an article called Conformity where the writer talks about getting lost during a race. It’s so brilliantly written, take a peak. The article describes getting lost in a race; something that has happened to many of us but his take on it is excellent, so true and so funny. It reminded me of the time I cycled to Hayfield to do a fell running event……

It was my first fell race (and last actually thinking about it; note to self must do another) and I got completely lost after 6-7k and had to backtrack to the start thus ended up running about 13k by the end. Obviously everyone else had finished the 10k by this stage (having not got lost) and they were all waiting for me facing the other direction in a big group when I ran up behind them with a ‘woohoo it’s me I’m back….’. I later found out that one of the farmers had taken out the flags that were near his farm (still not on his land though) and so the others (being locals) knew the way but I simply had no clue where to go.

I might do another fell race one day but some upfront knowledge of the area would help. I don’t want to be ‘that’ person again that the marshalls have to go looking for 😆.

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