Trail running adventures and getting lost

I had a fun and productive week with “training”. With no big coming up it’s really just ‘having fun’ at the moment but I did have 7 hours of cardio fun and 2 gym hours. Strava tells me my weekly intensity was up so I’ll have to have an easier week next week (well bar the little trail race we are doing).

We’ve been doing more home gym workouts again, one with our personal trainer (early one before work) and some on our own. We are gathering more kit for this.

Looking forward to playing with these big balls 😝

I missed out on my swim sadly but I did sign up for my first pool swim next week which I’m quite excited about. I’m not sure how its going to work other than the fact I have to turn up to the pool wearing my costume under my clothes. I have no idea what happens after the swim or if I can shower? It amuses me that they are ‘restricting’ numbers to 7 in each lane. In non pandemic times this would be high and irritating as everyone goes at different speeds etc. It looked like not many had booked on though so I will see and am hoping I’ll nab the lane alone or maybe share with just a few. I assume I don’t have to wear a mask 😷 😂

Hubby went off on his long trail run on Friday and managed 21k on hilly terrain in horrendous weather so chapeau to him. I did a shorter 16.5km on Saturday. It was supposed to be all trail, 14km and flattish but being clueless it was longer, hillier, 50% road and I got lost twice. In fact I ended up using my google maps on my phone so much I ran out of batteries so resorted to the old fashioned method of finding people to ask the way in the last few miles.

The first time I got lost I’d jog/walked up this really steep hill (you know the kind where cyclists are grimacing) for about 1km only to discover I was supposed to be going down instead. Running back down was joyous however 😁. The second time I went wrong I’d run across a field and down a path to a farm only to discover it wasnt a public path and no I wasnt supposed to be there. The farmer was thankfully amused rather than cross. After that I was just generally uncertain as to where I was and stopped to ask the way a few times. I finally found the park near our house and a cafe moreover, so stopped for a lovely latte 😁.

Today hubby and I did 64km on the bike which would normally feel fairly easy, especially as it was mostly flat (ish). However, I started to zonk out on the return leg and had to partake of two gels to get home. Since then I have inhaled, a veggie English breakfast, a spinach/blueberry smoothie, a slice of hubby’s banana loaf with pumpkin seeds (so so nice) and a few mouthfuls of his homemade granola (well it was supposed to be flapjack but it went a bit wrong 😆).

Lovely views on my run, before I got lost and ran out of batteries

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