Playing around with our new toy on a trail run – Go Pro

So after excitedly waiting at home this week for the new Go Pro ‘toy’ we set off on our long trail run today with the Go Pro Hero 9 in tow.

My husband is the camera man and chose to use the hand held device below:

Camera attaches to the hand grip and the strap goes around your wrist

Chris said it was quite comfortable and he didn’t notice that he was holding it after a while. In order to not use all the batteries he opted to take short videos along the way and would then stop videoing in between. He also switched the GPS function off, again to save batteries and did 90% of the initial ‘test’ footage in 1080P whilst we got used to it. The camera is capable of 5K!!

We also have a chest strap and head strap for different ways to take the camera out on runs or bike rides. Chris has tried out the chest strap and it was also very comfortable and offered a really balanced video, he commented that both were very comfortable and with hyper-boost set the footage is smooth, taking out the up and downs of each running step.

After our beautiful run in the sunshine (which we were not expecting) we downloaded the clips onto my iPad and then used the Go Pro App on my iPad to edit each short video. This is surprisingly easy (even for me) and you simply click on the video, click on a pencil to edit and can then cut your video to choose a section out of it you want to keep. There are other options/functions you can use in terms of editing but for the most part I stuck with shortening the videos down to 20-30 second clips.

We did experiment with speeding up or slowing down the footage on the video so there is some interesting variation on the final video between me running in slow mo like Wonder Woman and me running in a silly sped up fashion reminiscent of Benny Hill videos 😆.

Chris also filmed one section in full time warp which looks ace so I’ve included this bit separately below:

Time warp video

After we did all this my husband casually suggested I pull the whole lot together to make one overall video and then create a YouTube channel to upload it/show it on. Hmmm, I’m really quite technically challenged so this didn’t sound easy to me at all. I wasted some time trying to work out how to do this by watching other YouTube clips but in the end noticed a button on the Go Pro App called ‘share my story’ and thought ooh I wonder what that does? 🤔. Turns out if you click on this and select all your video clips the app pulls a video together for you, woohoo. The only thing I needed to do was choose some music to go with it. Again there are clearly many other functions to play with but I’ll maybe experiment with those another time.

Setting up a Youtube channel was also surprisingly easy. I already had a Google account, which gives rise to having a channel automatically. I simply shared my ‘story’ from Go Pro App to Youtube and up it popped in my channel. I should add I was able to find my channel by clicking on my picture via YouTube in the top right hand corner.

So below is the finished product, see what you think. It’s our first attempt, so go easy on us 😆.

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