John O Groats to Lands End Running Schedule

For some time now I’ve been playing about with Komoot looking at multiple different routes to run through the UK that also take in the 3 peaks. The hope is to get me from John O Groats to Lands End within 6-7 weeks, averaging a marathon a day.

I’ve come up with the rough schedule below as I’d love for people to join me for the day, half a day or even a mile if they want to. However, I also want to have an adventure and be free to leave certain bits to the last minute. I’ve therefore, included a number of days that are to be decided ‘TBD’. In total I have 3 ‘wiggle’ days. I’ve kept these days free in case of insurmountable weather, illness or injury. If I don’t need to use them for these reasons (fingers crossed) then I will probably shorten some of the days proceeding the named wiggle room day. Sitting around in a tent or at a B&B for a whole day doesn’t appeal and from experience I’m more like to end up with a sore back or hips if I do so.

The plan was created using some hiking routes but also many mountain biking routes. It’s essentially off road where possible utilising the many miles of trails that cross our country.

So feel free to look below (please click on download) and if you would like to join me for a jog, full day or half day running or walking or a bit of both please message me and we can arrange where to meet and when etc. I would then do my utmost to meet any arrangements made with anyone. As I run, however, I’ll be tracked and also be updating social media so if I fall down a rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland style, you’ll hopefully know well in advance.

Two things should not change. I will set off on 3rd Sept (Saturday morning) and arrive at Lands End on Saturday 22nd October by lunchtime.

2 thoughts on “John O Groats to Lands End Running Schedule

  1. Hi I’m a member of wasdale mountain rescue team and keen fell runner if youd like a guide and a bit of support for scafell pike id be happy to oblige.
    Yours in sport
    Chad Dixon

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    • Wow that would be amazing!! I don’t yet 100 know when I’ll be there but estimated date is 24th September ish ish. Currently my approximate schedule is on my work laptop but I can check it and let you know. It’s be myself and my husband as he is meeting up with me now and again en route but neither of us know the mountain. I want to go up from wasdale head inn and back the easiest way as I’m a big wuss and don’t do scrambling etc 😆. It’ll be a huge achievement for me to just get up and down. Appreciate your offer so much, very kind thank you 🙏


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