A new adventure!!

So I genuinely wasn’t planning on having any adventure this year but then I was talking to my husband one day about running coast to coast and pondering the idea of simply doing it over a ‘long weekend’.

That conversation turned into ‘why not take a week to do the coast to coast trail’? I did consider this but after much consideration I decided I liked the idea of running the shortest coast to coast cycle route on foot. Since this would only take 4 days max and my hubby had mentioned the idea of me taking a week I came up with the idea of a coast to coast duathlon.

So in June I will cycle from the west coast to the east coast and then run back again. This adventure will be quite different from my last one in a number of ways.

  • Its just one week versus seven but I want to run as far as I can each day on the running section. Rather than limiting myself to say 40km a day I would like to see what my body is capable of and keep going till I cant go anymore.
  • I will definitely camp or wild camp so that the first point is possible. This gives me the freedom to carry on into the evening and reduces admin.
  • I have yet to decide whether to do the bike in 2 or 3 days. Ideally 2. For many club cyclists this would seem fairly easy, however, I’ve never been a great endurance cyclist and I haven’t been on my road bike in 14 months! So it’s definitely a challenge for me!

The coast to coast route I have decided on is Whitehaven to Sunderland (and back). It’s approx. 210km (each way) but will no doubt be 220km+ by the time I’ve faffed, got lost etc.

So there you have it, the coast to coast duathlon. I would of made it a triathlon but the ocean is in the wrong place.

Wish me luck 😁

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