Well I can ditch my gym membership now 😁. We’ve finished the home gym whoop. It was previously a garage and its already getting used regularly.

In my DIY glossing clothes testing out the workbench (which you cant see in this picture I realise!). I am lying on a black workout bench honestly. The Turbo is ready at the far end for next cycling workout.

The mirror isn’t flat yet so standing in front of it is like being at the funfair! Or maybe I’m just wibbly wobbly.

As well as finishing off our gym we’ve been busy decorating the hallway. Lots of debating before we fell in love with this blue colour for the walls. It was also a great chance to finally hang the artwork I’d done when I was 19 at art school, It had been kept in a folder in one garage or loft after another for many many years! So we brushed off the dust and had them framed.

All abstract – we thought they went well with the blue walls – sorry the photos on the left aren’t very clear

In other news I increased my long bike time up to 2 hours 45 mins. I’m increasing it by 15-20 mins each week. For now I’m just going out on my mountain bike and I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. In a week or two I’ll get the road bike out and I’ve booked in for a bike fit to make sure I’m as comfortable and correctly set up as I can be. I suffer from a bad back sometimes so its important to get it right.

A Stag herd at Lyme Park – spotted on my ride

I practiced navigation on the bike again and have found I can read the map on my watch if I pull my glasses down my nose and peer over them. I have to slow down to do this but not fully stop so this makes things easier.

My long run was 19km this week and I keep it deliberately slow and easy to keep my heart rate down. I’m not yet certain whether I can keep increasing my run each week if I’m increasing my bike. I may have to keep it static or reduce it even. Doing your own training plans is a bit of trial and error.

I still find I’m getting very tired lately. I can be full of energy one minute then simply need to stop what I’m doing/nap the next. I’ve started using the HRT patches so am hoping they will improve my mad hormone swings and settle my moods and wavering levels of energy. That said I did 11 hours of exercise this week and I’m 54. I do wonder sometimes if I should expect less of my body. It does feel hormonal related, however, its is hard to know for sure.

Btw has anyone got any book/author/thriller recommendations? I tend to get attached to a particular author, read all their books and then be looking for something new. I’ve just read all the books by Louise Candlish. So if anyone has any thoughts let me know 😀

4 thoughts on “Gymtastic!

  1. Great progress – but I find that the couple of miles to the gym help to separate gym from home which I find helpful. The Jack Reacher books by Lee Child are not exactly great literature but tend to move with a bit of pace and make easy reading. To my mind, Hemmingway wrote really well.

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    • Yeah I know what you mean. For now I’m quite motivated in the home gym. We will see if it lasts! I’ll take a look at Lee Child. I prefer easy reading/ throwaway stuff. I usually read last thing in the evening when I’m tired so easy and a bit of pace is great 😊


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