4 and a bit weeks to go

The last two weeks have been pretty full on. Last weekend included a 16km run to work and back on the Thursday, a long hilly road bike ride on the Friday, a long faster paced (for me) trail run on the Saturday with my husband and finally a 30km hike with full kit on the Sunday.

On the long hike last weekend

This was great training and I felt good too but by bank holiday Monday I was walking around like robocop with very stiff legs and sore muscles. Between that and the rain, my plan to do a lovely long mountain bike ride went out the window. Instead I spent a valuable day chilling out, recovering and writing a little bit more of my book (which I think I will still be writing when I’m 70…).

This week was my easier week in the month so I had three rest days and only did one run. I did however, go and camp in Edale and hike home the next day over Kinder Scout.

It was good to practice putting up the tent again and ensure all my kit was in working order. It was supposed to be a nice 16km back to the train station but the trains weren’t running so it turned into a 27km hike instead. All good practice though.

Important to fuel the next days hike 😝
Early morning mist in Edale
On the path to Kinder Scout
Top of Jacobs Ladder
Top of Jacobs Ladder

Today I went out on a beautiful long mountain bike ride. There were some bits that were too technical for me so there was some walking/bike pushing going on but for the most part it was a very enjoyable ride in the sunshine.

Out on the mountain bike today – coming out of Coombs

In other news we’ve been using the ice barrel quite a bit and I can definitely say it feels really good to get in after a long run/hike or bike. Whether it actually does help recovery – who knows. It’s hotly debated (although most consider it does). Either way it feels really therapeutic so who cares.

With only four weeks to go to my coast to coast adventure I’m starting to feel ‘kind of’ ready. I’m starting to believe I can do the distance on the bike and that I can hike/run a long way/day if I just set off very early in the morning. I also know I will be very very tired but that comes with the territory.

I’ll be doing this C2C self supported. JOGLE was mostly self supported where this will be entirely so for the duration of the bike and then the duration of the run. I’m having help with the logistics of collecting my bike and bringing my rucksack up (thank you hubby).

So there will be no support vehicle and I cant accept drinks, food, route advice or anything else from anyone I personally know. I can fully accept these things from strangers however. If I come across a group of cyclists I don’t know I can sit on the back and draft for example. I will definitely look out for this! I will be stopping at a bed and breakfast for the bike ride (one nights stop) and camping for the run back (two nights stopping). I’ve ordered a tracker again. For one thing it was kind of fun to have one and for another it means I will have a recording of my bike/run as I may upload it to FKT site afterwards (Fastest Known Time). This is a website that people use to record their ‘event’ if they know they are the fastest person doing a particular thing. I don’t think anyone has done a C2C duathlon so I’m guessing I will be the fastest if I just complete it.

This week is supposed to be a build week i.e. lots of training but I’m off to a wedding next weekend so training will take second priority around that. Weather is looking good for the day, the dress is hanging up and I’m debating trainers over high heels as I have a blister on my big toe! The downsides of hiking…..😂

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