Cycling, takeaway and the Doors

Some views need no words…

Social distancing made easy out on the snake pass

After a gorgeous bike ride, we enjoyed some time in the sun in the garden before it disappeared behind a cloud. I will admit to partaking of some beer and enjoyed a little chat avec ma Familie over Skype (as you do these days).

A delicious takeaway, some revisiting of breaking bad, a little bit of single malt whiskey and sat here listening to the doors…..cant beat it.

Oh and my feeble attempts at cartwheels……not sure why just wanted to have a go

Started ok or is that Irish dancing
Dreadful execution 😂

PB, PT and PS

Whoop whoop whoop… PB 😁. I did my up and over bike loop which normally takes me an hour in 55 minutes hurrah, so excited 😝. I feel like this is going to become a weekly task now…how can I shave off more seconds each week…hmmm

I know this looks like me showing off but it’s really just that I was just that happy woohooooooooooo weee

Followed the bike ride up with a lovely hour of Personal Training with Emma via Zoom. I love getting stronger with each session. I really couldn’t do a single press up a few years ago. It does kind of get addictive. I still hate barbell pushes though. I love the boxing warm ups but sometimes wish that hubby and I could actually spar rather than use pads…I mean how much fun would that be

Followed our workout with an amazing curry from a local takeaway which brings me to my PS…………….. I highly recommend Sambhar Paneer curry, totally delicious 👌

Not a soul up here

Social distancing is easy when you can cycle up into the hills of the Peak District. Out on a bike ride with hubby on the back country roads to Hayfield and home, we barely saw anyone, just lots of sheep. In fact we momentarily had to slow down due to a lot of lost looking sheep running down one country lane in front of us aww.

Beautiful sunny skies, glorious views and breathe……..

The beautiful views after ascending Swallow House Lane out of Hayfield
Selfies with hubby

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums, to those who are still with us and to those who are not xxx 💕

I have a skype call in a bit with my mum and my siblings. Sadly the new way to do Mother’s Day in these times. Hopefully we will have a laugh though. And my lovely son got me a card and a pile of my favourite mint chocolates. That should keep me going for a week :-).