PB, PT and PS

Whoop whoop whoop… PB 😁. I did my up and over bike loop which normally takes me an hour in 55 minutes hurrah, so excited 😝. I feel like this is going to become a weekly task now…how can I shave off more seconds each week…hmmm

I know this looks like me showing off but it’s really just that I was just that happy woohooooooooooo weee

Followed the bike ride up with a lovely hour of Personal Training with Emma via Zoom. I love getting stronger with each session. I really couldn’t do a single press up a few years ago. It does kind of get addictive. I still hate barbell pushes though. I love the boxing warm ups but sometimes wish that hubby and I could actually spar rather than use pads…I mean how much fun would that be

Followed our workout with an amazing curry from a local takeaway which brings me to my PS…………….. I highly recommend Sambhar Paneer curry, totally delicious πŸ‘Œ

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