I started my day so so excited 😀. It was my turn to make the drive to Tesco to do the weekly food shop!!!! Ok, it doesn’t sound exciting but life has changed somewhat. Just being able to drive and listen to the radio was awesome enough but I felt like i was going on some kind of out of body experience adventure, queuing up 2 metres apart with a scarf around my mouth. The actual shopping experience was like playing a game of bingo waiting for your numbers to come up, will they have it in or wont they? One customer was wearing a mask (fair enough) but also decided to do the outing in his slippers.

I saw more of this casual dress sense on my long run today. I was running past a local Tesco express and was somewhat bemused when I saw a ‘household’ queuing in their onesies and dressing gowns. Clearly I’m overdressing when I go out by wearing Jeans 🤔. Felt great on my run; when you train you have great sessions/days or even weeks and rubbish days or weeks and sometimes there seems to be no rational reason why. This week has been great and I’ve found it hard to not sprint it out on every run and bike ride. I hope my legs forgive me.

The next bit of excitement in my day was having a temporary filling done by my husband. A colleague told me you can get your own kits (who’d of known eh). You get the mixture, a spatula and a little mirror and everything. I’ve always been an oddball and love going to the dentist, so the thought of lying back in our recliner chair whilst he fixed the whole in my teeth was very relaxing. Clearly he should start a new job as a dentist as he did a great job and I look forward to making it through isolation without further pain. 😁

2 thoughts on “Excited!!!

  1. Home dentistry? Now there is a relationship built on trust! Best to you on your Ironman event. I am scheduled for a 70.3 in October. I am hopeful that the world will be a better place by then.

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