Week 9/10 Training

This last week should of been week 9 of my 40 week Ironman training plan and would of included 10 hours of training, 4.75 cycling, 1.5 swimming, 2.75 running and 1 hour doing strength work. However, its becoming increasingly clear that I wont be resigning up to the Ironman this year since I fear even a reduced form of lockdown may last quite a long time. I mean who knows but it does seem we are unlikely to go back to normal anytime soon.

So for the above reason I’m in no mans land a bit….how much training should I do? Am I sticking to my schedule? What would be the point? Or should I just do a reduced version to stay fit and then resurge with it all next year. Or should I plan some new goals like working on my strength and speed. Hmmm 🤔. These are things I need to think about and have yet to decide on.

Last week I actually did 7.5 hours of training, 2.5 hours of cycling, zero swimming, 2 hours of running and 3 hours of strength work. Lockdown simply lends itself to a different split in what you do. Oh I should add 1 hour of baking and several hours of eating the results of said baking….oh and an hour on my painting. It’s a work in progress, I need to spend more time on it and sort out the perspective which is def. wonky at the moment.

Not yet finished painting of Puerto Pollença

On Sunday I was on the turbo outside which is a lovely place to do this as it gets very very hot on the turbo. If you’ve never been on one, then expect to sweat/drip onto the floor. No really! So being outside you can avoid this mishap.

However, as you can see from the picture I was not very happy. This was because my temporary tooth had fallen out and I was in a lot of pain, so here is mad happy husband vs less happy in pain me.

One of those woohoo loving it sessions
One of those just get through it sessions

Monday was my rest day so no training at all but we went for a walk after work. We are so lucky around here as its easy to socially distance. I feel sorry for people in densely populated areas as they probably think they are the only ones going out for a walk and nope there are loads of others and its impossible to meet the guidelines then. All we meet on our walks are cows and horses.

Lucky to have this sort of view so close by

Today was my busy training day. I turboed at lunch, ran after work and followed it up with circuits with the lads at home in the garden. I felt good on the bike, rubbish on the run and spent the duration of the circuits fantasising about eating fajitas (what we are having for tea). I will admit food does motivate me at times 😂

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