Recovery time

During any training period time to recover is important. The very basis of improving fitness is incremental increases in training, rest and recovery and adaptation. Then repeat…..a lot.

This weekend I’ve been forced into an early recovery stage and it may last longer than I would like… I seem to have picked up a bug of some kind, no cough or fever in sight but none the less not feeling well and sleeping a lot, really a lot!

Sadly this has meant cancelling seeing dear friends as well as cancelling my participation in the half marathon race today (although subsequently the race was cancelled anyway).

Additionally it’s hard to not be affected by the news of flight cancellations, the potential loss of an upcoming holiday, the uncertainty of future races not to mention the uncertainty of older loved ones potentially having to isolate for longer periods.

So I’m lying here in bed and trying to think positive thoughts, what can we take away from these situations as a positive?

I’ve seen a number of examples of how lovely my friends are and people are in general. A lovely new friend dropped off paracetamol with some chocolates through my door yesterday. Another lovely friend made cake for my husband and I after our race today (sadly the one we then couldn’t do). I’ve seen locally a forum of people offering to help others if they get stuck at home. It’s so refreshing to see such kindness.

The other positive about resting is that I hope to be stronger and fitter when I return to training. Bring it on.

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