Finding the light

I’m generally an optimist but following yesterdays update on the news I will admit to ‘worrying a tad’. I’m also sad to hear of friends losing their jobs at this time and my heart goes out to everyone. I hope the financial reliefs offered are swift and genuinely beneficial to all that need it.

I will also admit to feeling somewhat selfishly sad by the realisation that I would need to cancel my Ironman this year and either re-sign up to it later/nearer the time or simply do it next year. But when you think what others are dealing with it really puts things in perspective and I should quite frankly shut up and be happy for what I have.

So with that all being said, I woke up this morning and thought right time to find my optimism and happiness again. So I went for a run. I have been wearing a scarf around my face whilst out running on cold days way before anyone knew the word covid but now people appeared wary as the woman with the ‘bandit’ look ran past and they kind of shuffled even further away as I went by.

Scary running bandit
Beautiful views on the run

Following the lovely run our personal trainer Emma came round to our house and we did a workout outside in the sunshine. She is great and now offering virtual workouts for all her clients, go Emma.

Doing dumbbell swings
Press ups
Hubby showing off 😉
Punch up warm up with Emma 😁

Wired now and ready for the rest of my day, bring it. 😁🌞🌞

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