Anyone remember record breakers tune? Motivation, Motivation, ……..Motivation that’s what I need, if you want to prevent a frown, want to survive this lockdown,……yes motivation is what you neeeeeeddddd…la la la

So the last couple of days mine has been waning a tad, well a lot actually. I’ve gone from someone that always made an effort to look nice for work, getting up early to do a workout before work, to rolling out of bed, pulling on my joggers and sitting down to my work desk in the same clothes with messy hair, no makeup and definitely no pre work workout. I’ve started to notice my energy levels dropping and a loss in interest in my beloved sport and my favourite tv shows. Levels of biscuit eating have increased exponentially and I’m definitely having far too many coffees. I mean what next eh 😂

So today I decided that the only way to find motivation was to kick myself up the backside and force myself to shower, change and make myself look nice/ready for the day. At lunch I went for a run; just a 2 miler but its a lovely 2 mile trail run straight uphill and down again.

Mid afternoon I spotted this bird on the lamppost outside preening itself. I decided to take a picture and if it appears again tomorrow I might even name it. Not sure of a good name for a pigeon? Percy?

After work I got on the turbo for 35 minutes and followed this up with a 30 minute gym workout with my son in the garden, focussing on forearms (something he wants to work on). We also enjoyed some entertainment whilst gardening, apparently we have an extra from Dr Who living in the garden:


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