End of a weary, very weird and yet positive week

I sacked off my bike ride this morning for a laze about do nothing for a few hours start to the day instead. I will admit I felt really weary and sometimes you just need to sit still 😝.

I spent the next hour or so working as I’ve realised recently that whilst working at home has its upsides (fetching cappuccinos from the kitchen, putting your laundry on at lunch), the downsides include speed of working remotely and this ultimately means you need to extend your working day or week in order to keep on top of things. Ah well every silver lining and all that.

Hubby and I then did circuits with our lads in the garden and maybe pushed them a bit too hard whoops 😬

Otherwise in the week what was weird…….well what isn’t weird really? The new way of shopping metres apart on crosses, only going outside once a day for exercise or for your necessary shop, not visiting your loved ones, chatting to friends online, working out online, doing most things online really. It’s odd how quickly this is all becoming the norm. I wonder if we will all continue with these things when we are allowed out again to roam, party and socialise.

I’ve found myself addicted to reading jokes on ‘spread the cheer whilst corona is here’ on facebook, laughing like an insane person at the silliest things. Good tv is becoming increasingly difficult to find or perhaps I’m just becoming fussier, gaming seems to be my new hobby of the moment. Happy to receive recommendations for good tv to watch by the way.

We put our teddy in the window following a note on facebook and a WA group that the kids are going on a bear hunt counting teddies (how cute).

Even teddy looks like he misses going outside

So the positives…well I managed 4 runs this week (yes on different days), 3 circuit/gym style workouts in the back garden and 1 bike ride. I am amazed at how much community spirit I see on various groups on facebook and our local neighbours, we are cooking more as a family, spending more time together as a family and the “kids” are helping out more around the house.

So I wonder what this next week will bring…

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