Pwease would you take my photo?

The problem with writing a blog is it changes you from someone who is allergic to cameras and runs away at the slightest sound of a ‘click’ nearby into someone who is constantly asking other people to take photos of you. “Oh this would be great for my blog, would you take my photo pweaseeee”.

So this week I thought I’d give everyone a break from ‘me’ and draw all my activities instead.

Tuesday was a day off work for me so hubby and I went on a long bike ride. My first 100k for quite a while. It was a lovely ride in the sunshine and I felt so good I went off quite fast at the start.

Speeding along happily

In the afternoon our PT came over and we had gym workout fun in the garden. At the moment I cant do much in the way of arm workouts as I’m recovering from a rotator cuff injury (which is hopefully minor). So our lovely PT works around this and gives us different things to do. Below we were working, together, however, doing a hard core workout and squats.

Toe taps followed by bicycles. That’s sweat not snow by the way…
Doing squats. Working out together is fun 🥰

Later on Tuesday In the evening I had a lovely time with my friends in our garden. I’ve decided to have a no alcohol month which started on Monday so I was on coffee and tea as were some of my mates. One friend brought orange flavoured tonic water which was surprisingly nice.

Socially distancing with wine, mugs of tea, chat and laughter 🤗

On Thursday I ran the hilly 4 mile trail route with my son, up Werneth Low and down again. My achilles felt fine and seems to be recovered woohoo.

Running downhill is fun 😁

On Friday and again today I cycled on some local hills. Today’s ride was a repeat of an up and over loop I like to do and I got a PB reducing my time to below 55 minutes whoop 😀

Determined to get a PB up those hills

Saturday was my long run and I did a slow 8 miler which I really enjoyed.

Happy running face

Today following my hilly ride and before another shorter run I went for a lovely walk with hubby around the local park and then into our local village for a coffee stop.

Here is my husband enjoying his cappuccino in the sun. I’m not good at sunglasses, have I made him look like a bee?

Since there is only so much stick men drawing a person can do, I maybe back next week asking my husband to take my photo… pweaseeee

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