An interview with Chris and my weekly training

I thought it would be interesting to interview a different person each week to get their insights, feelings and aspirations in terms of sports and fitness. I’m sitting with Chris who has also signed up for triathlons and has many years cycling experience. He is waiting comfortably with a mug of tea and ready to answer my questions.

Chris ascending Mont Ventoux

When did you start cycling?

When I was a kid, I’ve always cycled. One of my earliest memories is cycling from Reddish to Buxton on a fixed wheel bike with my mates. We always stopped at the top of Long Hill as we thought Buxton was a weird place. I remember there were no cars back then.

How did you get into triathlon?

After London Edinburgh London I needed another challenge. I’d swum before and run before. I’d did the Great North swim at Windermere and had run half marathons so people kept saying why don’t you do triathlon so I thought why not.

What made you decide to do LEL (London Edinburgh London) and how much training did you have to do for it?

I really enjoyed Audax already (An Audax is an organised but self supported long distance bike ride). I was sat in a cafe in Hebden Bridge before an Audax and somebody mentioned LEL and my mate said I fancy that and I said lets do it! You don’t have to qualify for it, however, I treated it as if it was PBP (Paris Brest Paris is a qualifying event) and did a 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k Audaxes in the months leading up to the event.

Out of the three triathlon sports which is your favourite?

Cycling. I’m a natural cyclist, I’ve cycled all my life.

What do you like about running and swimming and why?

I love running because you can do it straight from your front door and it doesn’t require any preparation. I much prefer trail running however to road running. I like swimming, however, having to go the leisure centre for a swim is a bit of a bind. I prefer open water.

What is your next event and how are you going to prepare for it?

My next event is a recently booked 15k trail run in the Lake District. I need to get some hill trail running in for this.

Do you do any other sports?

Yes sometimes I go to the gym and I have a personal trainer. She is great and if you can find a good personal trainer its totally worth the money.

How many training sessions do you do a week?

About 7 or 8. I commute to work on a bike, run once or twice a week, swim once a week, do one or two longer bike rides and see the personal trainer once a week.

How would you describe your diet and does it make a difference to your training?

In the last year I’ve become mainly vegan. The main benefit of this is recovery. I find I am recovering much quicker after exercise than before. I also naturally keep weight off and I’m still getting all the protein and nutrition I need without the shit fats.

Thanks Chris, good luck with the rest of your training 😁

So in terms of my own week training, it was quite a busy week.

On Tuesday I went for a short run but it was faster than usual and I felt really good.

Having a rest after my run. The sleeved top was necessary as I took a backpack that can chafe

On Wednesday I managed 45 minutes on the turbo and on Thursday I did another flat, local run but slightly longer than Tuesdays run at 4 miles.

My husband went for his first swim since the relaxation in rules. I was quite envious of him as I watched him pack up his wetsuit and set off for the Open Water swimming place (my physio says I can start swimming soon but I have to start in a pool so I can stop easily if my shoulder plays up).

On Friday I decided to do a nearby “Col” on my bike. There are no real Col’s around here but there is a strava segment/hill named one so that will do. I was aiming for a PB and got one but honestly I will not try this again when its a) hot and b) rush hour! I carried on after the hill to do my usual up and over loop.

On Saturday hubby and I had a joint session with our personal trainer. It was a fab workout as always and she comes up with such inventive ways to train which makes it really fun.

At the top, lifting the band up with your leg whilst holding on to nearest and dearest. Below doing a kind of one sided Russian twist whilst throwing a ball at a trampoline and catching it 😀

After the PT workout I did an 8 mile hilly trail run. I think it was the slowest I’ve run in a long time and mainly because I had to walk a few stretches. A combination of slippy muddy trails and the muggy weather (which makes me a bit out of breath). Despite this I really enjoyed it. I hardly saw any people and its so lovely to be out on the trails on your own (despite running past a nutter standing behind his van, oddly dressed, mumbling and blowing a whistle)…..

Today I went for a bike ride with hubby. Just 38 miles. We were going to do something a bit longer with another hill in it but we were both somewhat weary today so cut it shorter and stopped for a brew mid ride.

I’m now debating the fact that I should be doing my shoulder physio but am suffering from CBA syndrome… hmmm..

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