Boxing Day and 35 weeks to go…

Happy Christmas everyone.

My Training Peaks has the start day of my JOGLE adventure planned in, So at a glance I can always see how many weeks there are to go. I’m undecided as to whether this is a good or bad thing.

On the one hand, part of me wishes it was tomorrow as I’m raring to go and on the other hand 35 weeks sounds so soon and its a bit scary! These two different thoughts may seem like they conflict. Actually they stem from the same place. I believe that once I start I won’t feel so nervous. There will be no time to overthink and the time for just ‘doing’ and ‘being’ will be upon me and thats no bad thing.

Well its been an interesting month in training. On the one hand its definitely stepped up and also taken a slightly different direction. On the other hand I’ve had a fair few days additional rest due to not feeling well. I even joined the nation in doing a PCR test this week after having a sore throat for a while. It’s negative and I now think the real culprit is dry air/central heating. A dehumidifier is on its way tomorrow – fingers crossed that helps.

Successful steps forward this last month, include a lot more hiking, hiking with a weighted backpack, running more often and running with a weighted backpack. Furthermore I’m very excited to have discovered a new backpack, which will now allow me to take a stove with me and cook on the way when I camp. So many thanks to Jenny Tough (not only an inspirational lady but also the person on you tube that recommended the backpack). Check out her website its really amazing what she’s accomplished.

Hubby and I have recently hiked over Lose Hill, Mam Tor, Lantern Pike, Cown Edge. We are so lucky to have these beautiful places on the doorstep. (See photos at the bottom).

Running with a tent/sleeping bag etc. Does slow me down a bit (as you’d expect) but I need to learn to slow down even more as my heart rate was a little high this morning. It’s easy to get carried away but I’ll need to perfect the act of jog/walking if I’m to continue everyday carrying weight.

My coach has reduced my bike rides from 3 to just 1 a week as we start increasing my running/walking time. However, I can switch out a hike for a mountain bike ride anytime I want (its all good for fitness). My swimming hours have gone completely (sad face). I do miss it and I could ‘squeeze’ it in somewhere just for some relaxing fun but its not easy to know ‘where’.

My main task over winter is to continue building strength. I do 2-3 gym type sessions a week (one of those with a personal trainer) as well as a minimum of one structured run a week that includes hill repeats or intervals designed to make me stronger. Being strong is the main thing that will keep me from getting injured when I run/walk day after day carrying ca. 7kg (ish ish).

After our hike up Lantern Pike we are rewarded with these views
From run today up Werneth Low – carrying tent and sleeping system
Chris at the top of Lose Hill
Stunning views on the way to Mam Tor
Morning views from Werneth Low
It felt windy 😆 – coming down off Lose Hill – steeper than it looks

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