30 weeks to go

Been busy with admin today setting up a new facebook page for my 3 Peaks JOGLE run in September.

I was sat with my husband in a cocktail bar yesterday (yes I know Human League reminder….) debating what to call the run. After a number of drinks involving rum, fizz and glacier cherries we came up with 3 Peaks JOGLE – as you can see its completely unoriginal and basically just does what it says on the tin. Still the cocktails were nice 😝.

I’m not social media savvy or ‘techy’ I would call it. There has been a lot of ‘Chrisssss’, ‘pleassseee help’. He is lovely though and very patient with me 😆.

Hubby has rejoined me doing PT sessions. He gets distracted though 😆

It feels weird and sort of alarming that my little adventure is drawing nearer. I have plenty of kit, I’ve been camping, become reasonably fit (I hope) and done some decently long and hilly hikes. However, I’ve not yet built up really long runs. My longest (recently at least) was 16K and I’ll need to run 42K every day.

It’s in the plan of course to build up distance. It just plays on my mind sometimes that I’m not ‘there’ yet.

I have to remind myself though that if I put in too much too soon then I run the risk of injury. Better to be patient and trust in the coach.

A recent mini back sprain led me to go swimming again. It’s really good for low key mobilisation without putting a strain on anything. I’m almost glad I pulled a muscle as I’m now back swimming once a week and loving it.

Following a pretty easy week (recovery week) – next week sees a step up in training. Swimming, strength work and the long hike will be kept the same, spin (bike) sessions will get longer and the long run will get longer. Not sure how far I will run as it’s based on time. So I’ve got 2 hours down for next weekend, building up to 2 hours 30 minutes by the end of Feb. This is still a far cry from the number of hours I need to get to but patience Lorna patience.

Generally on the weekend of the long run my husband and I will also go for a long hike. I’ve started to take my rucksack filled with kit with me to get used to it. These hikes have generally been around the 3 hour mark but the last one was 6 hours (long story involving a cancelled train).

I guess the combination of the long run and the long hike start to feel like I’m getting somewhere.

A few moments below from recent hikes and runs:

Above: A foggy day in Macclesfield Forrest. Below: New Years Day Sunrise on Hollins Cross, Jacobs Ladder, Werneth Low

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