Cycling, takeaway and the Doors

Some views need no words…

Social distancing made easy out on the snake pass

After a gorgeous bike ride, we enjoyed some time in the sun in the garden before it disappeared behind a cloud. I will admit to partaking of some beer and enjoyed a little chat avec ma Familie over Skype (as you do these days).

A delicious takeaway, some revisiting of breaking bad, a little bit of single malt whiskey and sat here listening to the doors…..cant beat it.

Oh and my feeble attempts at cartwheels……not sure why just wanted to have a go

Started ok or is that Irish dancing
Dreadful execution đŸ˜‚

3 thoughts on “Cycling, takeaway and the Doors

  1. Looks like a lovely ride. Still pretty cold here so I’m staying inside and riding on Zwift for the time being – except when I need to go shopping. Then the panniers go on the touring bike and I head to the grocery store…


      • Relatively cold, yes. Here in Toronto, Canada it’s still hovering around the freezing point. Below zero in evenings, and now about 6 degrees. Certainly manageable for cycling but not the same beautiful weather we’ll likely see in a couple of months.

        Still trying to decide what my plans are for longer training rides. On the one hand cycling alone is no big deal from a social distancing standpoint. On the other hand, I need to be 100% self-sufficient. If I’m 75 km from home and have a major mechanical issue, none of us owns a car so I’ll be walking!

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